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Altentee is a private company, established in 2008 and based in Australia. It is operated by Tim Koopmans. Between 2008 to 2012, Tim was heavily involved in open source performance testing, before moving on to establish the successful load testing platform, Flood IO in 2013. Following acquisition of Flood by Tricentis in 2017, Tim has since turned his hobby and passion for educational games into a weekend project, under the moniker, Correkt Horse Gaming.


Correkt Horse Gaming

Hyper casual games are all about fluid gameplay with immersive yet simple graphics. With no complex story-driven narratives and minimal design, they lend themselves well as scaffolding for the automatic recall of facts. By practising with something fun and straightforward, you can help youngsters develop memorization of these facts, essential to their development.

Correkt Horse Gaming aims to make games you don't have to think much about while still exercising that big beautiful brain of your child in a positive way.

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