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Hyper Casual

Altentee is the company behind these games. We create hyper casual games that make learning fun.

Hyper casual games are all about fluid gameplay with immersive yet simple graphics. With no complex story-driven narratives and minimal design, they lend themselves well as scaffolding for the automatic recall of facts. By practising with something fun and straightforward, you can help youngsters develop memorization of these facts, essential to their development. We aim to make games you don't have to think much about while still exercising that big beautiful brain of your child in a positive way.

Our games are built with the following principles in mind:




An educational game which makes learning and remembering times tables fun. Fly the plane through the hoops as you chase the sun.

FlyMath is a simple, fluid game that gives the player a choice of two numbers to solve the multiplication equation. The equations are grouped from 2 to 12 times tables and also features a random mode. All equations are randomly generated so you can test non linear recall of facts. As the level progresses, the equations are generated more quickly. The player can test themselves by trying to beat their high score throughout the levels.

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